Welcome to Microcampus Initiatives at the University of Arizona.

At UArizona, we are always looking to expand our network of partnerships and microcampus locations. We invite you to explore our current microcampus network and learn more about what programs we currently offer.

What is a Microcampus?

Microcampuses operate in collaboration with universities worldwide where we deliver dual degrees, build capacity with partners, and incubate research. Students earn degrees from the University of Arizona and the partner university, including accelerated master’s options.

How it Works


The University of Arizona and partner universities share students, allowing them to earn a U.S.-accredited degree on a campus that is convenient to them.


Students earn a University of Arizona degree and a degree from the partner university, with bachelor’s and master’s level options available across multiple disciplines.


University of Arizona and partner university faculty co-design and co-teach courses that have been articulated to meet the academic standards and requirements of both institutions, encouraging pedagogical mentoring and shared student support.


When possible, a shared space facilitates faculty and student connections for teaching, study groups, tutoring, and socializing.


In collaboration with the UA Center for the Study of Higher Education, microcampus programs and activities are continually assessed and refined. These developments are based on the latest research-informed strategies for success, including student outcomes, cross-border faculty collaboration, and meaningful community impact.

Our Teaching Modalities


The University of Arizona provides content on the UArizona learning platform (Desire2Learn) that can be accessed asynchronously. Partner university faculty deliver in-person classroom instruction synchronously. These courses align with the partner university’s schedule.


University of Arizona courses are taught fully online by UArizona professors. Partner students participate as a cohort alongside other UArizona students. These courses align with the UArizona schedule.


The University of Arizona provides full-time, in-person instruction from UArizona faculty for UArizona courses at the partner university. These courses align with the partner university’s schedule.

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